Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where to begin..

Where to begin! Its been so long since I last updated the blog that I figured I'd just jump right in with what we're up to this fall!

Gavin is officially a kindergartener! We chose a homeschool co-op program for him this year called Homelink while our local elementary (across the street from our house) is closed for the year while they completely renovate the whole building. (They chose to bus the kids to a temporary building across town and we weren't diggin it.) He goes to classes like Lego building, creepy crawlies, weather and drama among others on tues. and wed. Then we learn at home the rest of the week using curriculum ordered through the school. It is alot of work but so fun! This big girl also started school this fall! Teag goes three days a week (mornings) to an amazing montessori school and she loves it! On the first day some of the kids were sad at drop-off and I could barely get a wave good bye from her! (I'm the sad one begging for a hug, ha)

Bode is 18 months old and my little sidekick. He's definitely a mama's boy and I'm loving it! He is talking so much and learning to hold his own around his brother and sister. He finally has almost all his teeth in and is sleeping through the night most nights. (finally!) He makes the kids (and us) laugh all the time and has has some killer expressions. We love this little guy! Last week I had a birthday (the big 30!) and Trent took me away for the weekend to Hood River, OR. My mom flew out the same week for a visit and had the kids while we were gone which was so great! We had an amazing time eating fun dinners out, golfing and tasting wine! The kids keep asking if we can 'leave again' so they can have alone time with Grandma or Nana!

Seattle Children's is featuring Teag's story in their November newsletter so we took a few pics to send them. It amazes me everyday how great she is doing and how big she is getting! She has another cardio appointment next week and we're still tenatively planning on her Fontan this coming spring or summer. She still takes her Captopril 3x's/day and 1/2 an aspirin, and it seems to be working for her!
We have had such a great summer and fall is off to a great start as well!

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The Hands said...

Such cute pictures! I still can't get over how clue Bodie's eyes are compared to your other two.

I hope you do a blog update on Tegan's cardio appointment. How much does she weigh now? She looks so pink!