Thursday, November 4, 2010


Halloween weekend was alot of fun this year! These are some pictures from the last few weeks...

We've been to the pumpkin patch a few times this year and last week I took the kids back again to take some pictures and let them run around.... Teag's lips were really blue that day and it was cold which wasn't helping!

Her favorite shoes right now are her rain boots! She wears them everywhere...

These two crack me up- never a dull moment! They say the funniest things to each other and are always laughing at each other (or fighting, ha)
This is usually how the photos of all three of them go... I finally get Bode to look at me (and smile) and then the kiddie train drives by and blows the whistle!
Bode's face here makes me laugh- like,"really mom? more pictures?"

Halloween night we headed out to the harvest carnival at church, and then Trent and I took them trick or treating. Gavin had decided what he wanted to be a few months ago- a tow truck... We worked on it for a few days the week before Halloween and it turned out really cute! He was so happy!

Here's my little butterfly princess!
Bode was a dinosaur for about 10 minutes and then he was over it. I'm glad his outfit was only $7, ha... Gavin wanted him to be a car so he could 'tow him' but we couldn't quite figure out how that would work. He kept telling me that it would be his first 'big job'....

Bode is sitting up pretty much on his own now, and almost crawling! He wasn't too crazy about this outfit though- sorry buddy!
Here's how trick or treating looked- Bode sleeping, Teag cold and tired (but still wanting candy), and Gav so excited for people to answer the door that he was peeking in the window... We would laugh so hard when there were other kids around because as soon as he got his candy, he would turn to leave, forgetting how long the back end of his truck was- and take out any kids around him and anything sitting on people's porches!
I love our front yard in the fall. We have a maple tree that drops beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves. Its not so fun to rake them all and get rid of them, but the kids love love to play out there right now!
I love this gummy grin, I could just eat his little chin! He's in full on teething mode but still no teeth yet. But watch out when you hold him, he'll try to bite into anything he can get in his mouth!

Happy Fall!


The Hands said...

I recognize those purple lips. Natalie has been having those "egg-plant colored" lips lately too. I love your pictures. You've become quite the photographer. I do miss all those beautiful maple leaves too. Oh well, we have snow now so maybe that's why the leaves look so much better.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE those pictures! Can't wait to see you guys!


Katie said...

I love your pictures! You are getting so savvy with your new camera :) Makes me miss you guys so much!!!!