Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Heart Sister!

Yesterday was Maddie Allred's first birthday! Maddie is Teagan's bff heart sister and the girls were born one week and one day apart- one year ago! Since Maddie is HRHS and Teagan is HLHS we always say that together they have one whole perfect heart! We spent the evening last night at Maddie's party and had a great time. It was so heartwarming to see her ripping wrapping paper, eating her cake, and crawling circles around everyone at the party! With Teagan's first birthday coming up this Saturday, last nights tears of joy were the start of what will most certainly be an emotional week. I'm so thankful for these girls and the bond that they share and for Maddie's mommy who has been there for me when I needed someone who understands.
One of the many benefits of having a heart sister- sat monitors!(We snuck in a sat check during the party, thanks Katie... It says 87- not bad!)
Happy Birthday Maddie Moo! We love you!


Katie said...

Thanks Sus for the sweet post on Maddie Mooms! Your family means so much to us and we're so grateful we met a year ago with our little sweethearts. We love you and I can't imagine how this year would have gone without you to vent/chat/bounce things off of/cry with!!!! Oh, how far these 2 girls have come, it's simply amazing :) Also, thanks for the wonderful pictures you emailed, too cute. See you in a week, we can't wait to celebrate again!!!

Raylene said...

Hi Teagan!
Please let your Mom know that I will be in the Richland Clinic on April 15th and 29th for echo service (I think those are both Wednesdays). I hope to see you there. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!