Saturday, March 14, 2009

Church update...

The celebration service for Pastor Fred on Friday was amazing and so encouraging. It was streaming live on the church website so I got to see the whole thing! Several people spoke but the one that moved me the most was watching Fred's wife Cindy speak. Her courage, strong faith and forgiveness amidst the heartache was incredible. If you have a few minutes please click on the following links to hear Cindy speak. Part One (13min.) Part Two (2 min.) If you only have a minute, click on part two and watch the end... Amazing!

Tommorrow they are holding church in the same santuary where just one week ago the shooting occured. Please keep the church in your prayers tommorrow that it will be a time of worship and healing for all. The services in the morning will also be streaming live via the church website. If you'd like to watch go to the church website and click on the link! (services start at 8:15, 9:30 & 10:55am central time, *subtract 2 hours for west coast!) Here is a short video Pastor Fred made on the 'ABC's' of knowing the Lord Titled: "Why do you Exist?"

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REM said...

Simply amazing. I watched it Live on Friday morning too. The peace that Cindy had was clearly from God. What a celebration!