Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Trent's birthday was a few weeks ago but I wanted to share some fun pics that I finally uploaded! He had to work on his big day (of course!) but the kids and I had a few fun things planned. We snuck over to the carpool parking lot and decorated his car before he got there. Here's Gav being 'sneaky'! We decorated and had dinner and cake ready when he got home!Then it was time for presents... To reveal his surprise we wrapped up an appropriate 'outfit' to give him a clue. Can you guess? Flying Lessons! Gav stuck with the flying theme too when he picked out a rocket to give Trent as 'his present'.
Here are the guys last week launching the rocket...The flying lesson got rescheduled twice due to fog, but he finally went last week and we all got to watch! Gav got to walk around the plane with the guys while they did the pre-flight check list and then the kids and I watched them take off and land from inside.
Trent had a great birthday and really enjoyed flying. Getting his pilots liscense is on his 'list' of things to do one day and now he's one lesson closer! I can't wait for him to take us on some fun adventures one day! Happy Birthday Daddy, we love you!


REM said...

Susie, Love the new look of the blog...makes me want to get one started. The name is great too. When I saw it, I wanted a cup of coffee!:) I'm so happy to hear you guys are doing well.

Elisa Mallrich

The Hands said...

Susie, I love it! Your sense of family and love for each other is so obvious to see. Those memories that you are instilling in your children will last forever! Great Job!
PS-The pacifier holder is cute. Did you make it? Natalie could use one.

Kate said...

Hey Susie!
It was so nice to finally meet you last night! You are so much fun to hang out with and hope we can hang out again soon. Tara is always saying what a fantastic gal you are, and she is so right :)

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