Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cardiology Update

Teagan had a cardiology appointment on wednesday, the first checkup in 2 months! I'm always a little nervous before our visits and this time was no different. No matter how good she looks or how happy she is, that thought of something being wrong always seems to creep in! They performed an echo first which was interesting. The older Teag gets, the more of an opinion she has about whats being done and this was no exception. The tech was able to get the images she needed though despite Teag's acrobatics and everything looked pretty good! Dr. Herndon said that her overall heart function looks good and that her tri-cuspid regurgitation is still there but for now is pretty mild. He said that its pretty common to have that until the Fontan, and then sometimes even afterwards. The Dr. was so pleased with Teagan that he said we don't need to come back for 3 months!!!

Teag's biggest issue right now is her weight. After having the flu and throwing up for almost a week she lost close to 1/2 a pound. I was heartbroken to hear that after all of our hard work over the last few months. She weighed in around 14 1/2 lbs and is currently 9 1/2 months old. I think that puts her around the 0% for her weight/age. The good news is that since recovering from that bug last week, she's really turned a corner in what she can eat now without gagging. We're doing solids 2-3 times a day now plus 4 daytime bottles and 2 at night. (yes, I'm still feeding her twice at night!) Teag all out refuses baby food most of the time lately so I've just been giving her part of what we're eating. Her latest favs are chunks of avocado, banana, sweet potato, nutrigrain bars, and lots of crackers and cereal. We've also started introducing some yogurt and bites of cheese and she's handling it really well. (I was worried after her issues with breastmilk and needing hypoallergenic formula) She's not too fond of juice but loves her water in a sippy cup at meal time. We're hoping she starts putting that weight back on soon!
Here she is with a mouth full of pasta, so happy!
Sporting her 'yo-baby' mustache
Gavin entertaining us with his 'funny jokers' at dinner
Teag was supposed to receive her 2nd round of synagis shots on friday, but after arriving at the clinic we found out that our insurance company never shipped the medicine. She has to get it within 28-30 days of her last dose or she is no longer immune to RSV so we're headed back on monday to try again.
We've been spending alot of family time together at home lately trying to get everyone healthy and tonight we had a little family pizza party. Gav loves when we order pizza and Teag enjoyed chewing on her breadstick while she watched Gavin entertain. Then it was bathtime, stories, and bed!
Gav loves to climb inside T's little baby tub when they're in the bath together!


Katie said...

Oh, I miss you guys! Your kids and those smiles, they're just so dang cute. Teag's little heart on her chest is looking pretty good! It's a cute little scar, if you have to have another one there... As soon as we're healthy, we need to get together!

The Smith's said...

Hi Susie! I am so excited to finally "meet" you too ... outside of Blogland! I'm glad your family and the Allred's are coming over for the feb. support group meeting. It will be interesting to hear what Drs. Cohen and Lewin have to say. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that Dr. Cohen has seen my little boy's heart!

I was glad to read the good report you got from cardiology last week. It is always such a huge feeling of relief to get a good report! And I just have to tell you I know EXACTLY how it feels to worry/feel frustrated about weight gain. Luke was off the charts for so long ... I definitely think introducing high calorie solids will help. When Luke was eating solids, we would put soynut butter on everything and made sure every time he ate it was foods with high calorie content (we still do!)

She just looks so great, healthy and happy! And she is so darn cute!

See you soon!


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