Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One month old!

Wow.. I can't believe Bode is already 1 month old! (actually, he'll be 6 weeks on thurs!) Time flies when you're having fun! (and when you're crazy busy with 3 kids 4 and under!) Things are going pretty good and Bode is growing so fast! He likes to eat every 2 - 2 1/2 hours (all day and night) hence the large belly, and still sleeps quite a bit in between.

He has really big blue eyes and looks just like Gav did as a baby. His eyebrows are so blonde they're almost invisible!

He's not quite smiling yet (except in his sleep)- this is as close as we've gotten so far...

The kids have nicknamed him 'Bode-ster' ("boad-ster") and 'little buddy'- so cute!

Look at that belly! I'm pretty sure he's close to 10lbs already...

The kids love to help me with him during the day and always run to 'help' him when he cries. Teag loves to come and tell me that "Bode needs me" whenever he starts to fuss- such a good sister! We took our first trip with Bode up to Trent's parents' house a few weeks ago and took him on his first hike!

I'm still adjusting to life with 3 kids and making sure everyone is happy and getting what they need. There have been a few 'incidents' - like when I was cooking and Teag tried to share her cereal with Bode during breakfast... I turned around to see her putting a piece in his mouth! We then had a long talk about how babies can't eat cereal- or any food for that matter unless mommy or daddy says its ok. And that we should never, ever put anything into Bode's mouth! There was also the day that Teag, Bode and I were picking up Gav at preschool and I was putting Bode in the car. The wind blew so hard it knocked Teag over and at the same time slammed the car door shut on Gav's hand... not a good day.

Teag is also very interested when I nurse him and asked if she could "eat from my belly too." My heart hurt for her when she asked me because I was never really able to nurse her- but I've been giving her extra snuggles and loving on her and Gav whenever I can!

Teag has a cardio appt. in the morning for the first time since Jan. so I'll update with the (hopefully good) news after that!

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The Hands said...

Oh, your stories make me laugh! Your life is a mirror of mine! Somehow I can laugh at your stories, but didn't always laugh at mine. I remember Heidi sharing her Cherrios with Jess when she was two weeks old. Also when she somehow found some scissors and ended up cutting Jessie's lip. ;-) Lately Natalie has been nursing her little babies from her belly too. So sweet. At least she gets the idea.

It gets a little more challenging when you have more children than hands.

Little Bode is so adorable. He looks like he's got so many snuggles in him. Did I see dimples in the one picture? Enjoy, enjoy!