Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday girl!

Sunday was Teagan's 2nd birthday! Sadly our whole family has been passing around a yucky respiratory infection, fevers, and coughs this last week.... Teagan was absolutely miserable on sunday so we just had a little family party here at the house, deciding not to share our germs with any other family or friends!I can't believe we're already here at '2' and Teagan is quickly turning into a big girl! She loved her new princess gear and reading chair, and has taken her new bubble mower out for a quick run around the yard a few times. All day she kept asking,"mommy, is it my happy birthday?" She talks so much now, its amazing and really funny to hear some of the things she comes up with!
Trying out her new princess shoes-
and earrings!
I've been so bad about updating these last few months, but hopefully will get a little better starting this week with our new addition! I'm scheduled for a c-section this thursday morning (2 days!) at 7am. Please say a prayer for our family this week that all goes well, and that everyone feels better soon!


qwertycris said...

What a cute girl!! She looks fabulous; I adore the glass slippers. Good luck and congratulations to you! We'll be thinking of you on Thursday. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Susie....you don't know me but I am a close friend of Katie Allred's & I've followed Teagen's blog along w/ Maddie's. Those 2 lil' girls have stole the heart of many over the past 2 yrs. They are a true blessing. Happy belated birthday to Teagen. I send my sincere "congrats" to you and your family as you welcome a new baby this week. Our thoughts & prayers are with you now and always.
Kelsey Endicott

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Teagan! Praying now and will be praying tomorrow!

The Hands said...

I guess it hadn't dawned on me that you will have two birthday's so close together. Praying for you today-D-day.

I love the picture where Gavin is upside down! Totally looks like the business at our house. Teag doesn't look too bad for feeling so badly. ;-) Looks like she enjoyed her presents.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Teagie! Can't wait to celebrate you and Maddie's birthday together soon :) We love you sweet girl!!!