Friday, December 11, 2009

Party of 5!


#4 #5!
This post is loooong overdue! But we are excited to announce that as of March 25th (or sooner!) the Maxwell house will officially be a party of 5! We are feeling completely blessed, excited, anxious, and overwhelmed all at the same time. I am 24 weeks already and feeling great- just getting big much faster than with Gavin or Teagan. I have had several ultrasounds and at the end of October had a fetal echo to check for any heart issues. This baby is HEART HEALTHY!! As soon as the tech put the wand to my belly and I saw 4 chambers I was relieved! I'm still having a hard time truly enjoying this pregnancy with many fears still lingering in the back of my mind, but knowing that we have a whole heart makes things much easier...

Here's a look a baby M Nov. 4th (19 weeks)

Its a BOY!

Tiny feet!


qwertycris said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you. With you and Mimi both expecting, I wonder who's going to be the third in our group with an announcement. And the new pics are adorable - I especially love the one with the
kiddos on your shoulders. Take care of yourself and have a
Merry Christmas!

The Simmons Family said...

Congrats on your new little guy!! I am SO very excited to hear that he is healthy and that you are going to be a family of 5 in a few short months!! How exciting!!

The Hands said...

I love that last picture! I was wondering when you were going to make the announcement. So excited for you!

bugbeefamily said...

Yeah, congratulations you guys! You guys are so adorable, love the pics! Stop by next time you are at Children's. I would love to see miss Teag!

Katie said...

Love the pictures, those are so good!!! Miss chatting with you, call me when you get a chance this week :) Hope you're close to ready for Christmas (I have a ways to go, yikes!) Give the kids a hug from us!!!

The Smith's said...

I was so excited to see this post and to read that baby Maxwell is heart-healthy!!!! Praise the Lord! Merry Christmas to a wonderful family. I look forward to the next time we can catch up in person!

love, Jesse

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