Thursday, October 1, 2009

At least its pink...

At least its pink right?

Teagan broke her arm this week! I still can't believe that it happened, but I'm reminded every time I see that flash of neon pink running around... We were out at the store on Saturday and she fell pretty hard on the tile floor. She seemed ok, and I was able to calm her down within a few minutes so we headed home. But that evening and all day Sunday she seemed a little 'off' and would complain when we dressed her or touched her left arm. So on Monday we took her in for an x-ray and sure enough she fractured both bones in her left forearm! The Dr. said it looked like a 'Torus' fracture and told us its pretty common in little kids and heals fast. But that it would be good to cast her because its hard to tell an 18 month old to 'be careful'. Funny, I tell her that all the time! She only has to wear it for 3 weeks but I can't imagine how it will look by then. Its already brown and has bits of food in the cracks... mealtime is interesting for sure! I've been using lots of purell on her cast hand and trying to find clothes that fit over her arm which has been challenging. Teagan doesn't seemed phased at all by her new accessory and thinks its funny to bang it on every surface she can to see what noise she can make. She's also learned that its quite the weapon when playing with Gav!

Here's my successful bag job before her bath last night. A large ziplock and some medical tape worked great!

Not slowing her down in the sandbox!


The Simmons Family said...

That is too cute!! It definetly doesn't look like it's slowing her down at all!

The Hands said...

I know exactly how you feel. You think everything is going great for your little "heart baby" and then they go and break a bone! Three weeks will be done before you know it and she'll be as good as new. I bet she'll even build a few more deltoid muscles from carrying that thing around and wacking her brother with it! Looks like you've figured out how to make life work with it (ie-the bag.) Maybe you could try a latex exam glove over her hand and the cast with the finger-tips cut off during mealtime to keep it clean. I haven't tried it, but just thought of it. Glad it's girly pink!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Susie, I sort of lost track of your blog but stumbled across the link. I remember Teagan because she's so close in age to Seth.. I"m glad to see she's doing so well. Well, except for the arm.. Darn kids, huh? Kayleigh (with the help of her big brother) broke her leg when she was just under two.. Kids are resilient. AS you already know!