Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lately we've been doing great and keeping busy! Teag is active as ever and growing new teeth everyday. She is turning into a toddler before our eyes, where did my baby go?
This last weekend, we headed up to Trent's parents house to help brand a few calves, hike to our favorite spots, and enjoy the start of summer! On the way up we stopped at one of our favorite lookout spots, Dry Falls. Gav fell asleep in the car but Teag enjoyed 'walking' around with us and enjoying the view!
Here are the guys getting ready to 'throw down some calves' as Gav was saying... My cowboys!
This was Gav's first branding and he was excited to watch and cheer the guys on. It won't be long before he's in there with them!

Here's a pic of the girls watching the men work! Tara & Jason came up with us for the weekend and Tylar & Ashley met up with us at the house.
Here's a pic of the guys, just finishing up! Jason, Trent, Tylar & Gary- Happy to be done!
Trent's parents have a beautiful ranch right on the river. Gav loves driving his gator down in the meadow by the river.
We took a drive up to some of our favorite spots on Sunday, the weather was beautiful! Here we are on the way up to Hart's Pass.

Gav & Teag had a great time playing in the yard with their Nana & 'Pacaw'!

We went out to a yummy breakfast in Winthrop and went through some of the shops...

Trent and I even managed to sneak away with friends saturday night for dessert and drinks at Sun Mountain Lodge! We had a great time and enjoyed our first night out since Teagan was born!
Monday here at home it was 95! To celebrate our hottest day of the year so far, I thought it would be fun to pull out the kiddie pool. Teag loved every minute of it and looked adorable in her swimsuit. She only lasted about 10 minutes in the sun though (with sunscreen on) before she started turning pink! I guess thats what long term lasix does for you!

In other news, Teag is scheduled for eye surgery on June 29th to finally clear up her clogged tear duct. I'll blog more about that later, but we're looking forward to having it taken care of for good! Trent and I are scheduled for our own echos on June 3rd just to see if there's anything we should be aware of. Teag's cardiologist said that we're looking to see if either of us have a bicuspid aortic valve, which is a big indicator of Teagan's 'class' of defects. Trent and I are feeling great and do not anticipate anything abnormal showing up, but I am definitely anxious about it! Please keep us in your prayers that all goes well!


The Simmons Family said...

Love all the updates!! Good luck with your echos and Teags eye surgery coming up. Kamryn had her tear duct surgery at 4 and it was piece of cake. It's so nice to never have watery/guky eyes again.

Glad you have been getting out and enjoying the beautiful summer!

We'll make it to Seattle someday.. hopefully sooner, rather than later. :)


The Hands said...

Wow, no wonder Trent wants to move back up to the ranch and work it. It's beautiful area. I think we're going to have to schedule a family vacation to WA sometime instead of just doctor's visits and surgeries!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics, you all look so happy & content. I'm so happy that you are having all those fun moments with the kiddies. Hope all your tests come out normal and Teagans surgery goes well!
Thanks again for all the fun pics, I hope your mom can come soon!!
Love Aunt Karen...

Lindsay Dean said...

My goodness is she just becoming little miss independant.....and so stinkin cute!!!! Looks like you had a great family trip. So good to see everyone so happy and healthy! I can't wait for that!
Love to you~

The Smith's said...

Our cardiology appointment just got switched to the afternoon of the 29th, which I think is the same day as Teag's eye surgery. Will you guys be coming up early or staying into the next day? I would love to try and find a time to say hello in person!

Hope you guys are doing well!


Mimi said...

Love all the pics!! You look fabulous of course!

So....our next apt is the 30th. Will you be staying over night? It is in Seattle right? I remember talking to you about your consult, which I think was here. It would be fun to see you guys if you do stay. We'll have to grace the cafeteria with our pressence once more!!

Good luck with your echos! I am sure all is well. It's funny how common the bicuspid valve is. That is what they thought I had up until my first surgery. Ellie has one too (we have a little club) ;-)

What is it with females and heart defects in my family- GEEZ!

Hope to see you soon!!