Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter, HE is Risen!

Our Easter weekend was busy and fun! Saturday morning we dyed eggs in our pj's since it was cold and rainy. Gav managed to dye both hands blue and the table/floor where he spilled one of the cups... He said,"its ok mom, accidents happen!" We were laughing and I was loving my blue-handed silly little boy, so happy to be home this year to do fun easter things!

That night we made resurrection cookies and I think it really helped Gav understand what Easter is all about. He loved helping and sealing our cookies in the 'tomb' (oven) overnight until easter morning. We're planning on making it a new tradition, only next year we might revamp our recipe...

The kids weren't too excited about Easter photos but I squeezed in a few after church in the front yard. We had yummy ham and potatoes for lunch and then an afternoon egg hunt!
I can't express how thankful I am to be home to enjoy spring and celebrate easter this year! Last spring is a blur and this year I'm trying to take it all in. Easter was in March last year, Teagan was 2 days old. She was born on good friday (and what a good friday it was!) We didn't learn about her special heart until saturday and she was airlifted that afternoon with daddy at her side. On Sunday (easter last year) I was released from the hospital and drove the 3 1/2 hours over to Seattle Children's where Teagan was. Six days after that she had her first surgery, and 1 month after that we came home. (sorry if that was confusing!) Here is a picture of my little bunny last year on April 14th!

Happy Easter! HE has risen indeed!


The Simmons Family said...

Happy Easter to you all!! Glad it was a great day and much better than last year! I LOVE Teags squinty eye grin.

Still up in the air when we're coming to Seattle. They should have Owen's medical records now, then they have to review them with the transplant team and then they will setup an appointment. Hmmm... July? (joking). Hopefully in April?!

The Hands said...

Your kids look like two peas in a pod. The pictures are beautiful and I love the cheesy grin that Teagan gives. So glad you were able to enjoy this year. I remember Seattle Easter last year being cool and rainy with Natalie in the hospital "again/still." I did have my other two girls with me and it was fun having them around and being able to go to church. Wish we would have known you then. We could have come and visited. ;-) Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

How sweet!! I love Teagan's little Easter bonnet & her little purse. I remember how much fun it was when Christine was that age. Susie you always dress your kiddies so cute. I'm so happy you had a nice Easter this year. Glad you got such a good report from the tests & Dr. Thankyou for all the great pictures!!
Love Aunt Karen