Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Crazy....

We had our first snow of the season last night and today. There's only a few inches on the ground, but it counts right? Today was definitely a snow-crazy day! Teagan had an appointment with the dietician at 8am this morning which was way too early... We would have been on time but as I was backing out of the garage, I couldn't get the door to shut! After messing with it for 10 minutes in the freezing cold it finally closed and we were on our way. It was around 10 degrees when we left so I had the kids bundled up pretty good. So good in fact that Gav had a hard time sitting in his carseat, or putting his arms down! (think Christmas Story)

Later in the day we ran to the pharmacy and then to the grocery store before heading home for the day. As I pulled up to the house the school bus that drops the highschool kids off was parked directly in front of the driveway with the hazard lights flashing. Turns out that the bus had broken down and was unable to move! Parking on the street normally wouldn't be a big deal but our front yard is surrounded by a retaining wall and today had huge snow drifts blocking the whole thing. I had a car full of groceries and sleeping kids, but luckily we have a very nice neighbor who carried Gav while I had Teag and we climbed through the snow and up over the retaining wall to get in the house. This nice neighbor also carried all of the groceries and prescriptions to the front door for me! After getting the kids settled I started working on the biggest issue of the day- the dryer. Somehow a whole pack of blue mint gum ended up in the dryer last night and its not pretty. I spent the afternoon google-ing for ideas on how to get it out and then got to work!

Trent came home tonight and fixed the garage door, I got most of the gum out of the dryer and we ended the day with the kids playing in the tub together! After a crazy snow day, I'm ready for bed!


Anonymous said...

What a crazy day! Thank goodness for great neighbors. Love the pics! They are so adorable!

Love, Cari

The Hands said...

Wow, sounds like one aggrivating day. Aren't you glad that they don't come like that every day? Let me know how you got the gum taken care of. I know that I'll probably need that advice someday.
I hope the snow brightened your mood.

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