Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Sounds

Here's another recent video of Teagan. She's really been expressing herself lately and I finally caught a little bit of it on video! She makes us laugh with all of her new sounds. Teag screams and grunts alot but in a happy sort of way- here are a few of those 'happy sounds'! Sorry its a little blurry!


REM said...

That is GREAT! Hilarious! She is going to be telling Gavin what to do in no time! Hehe :)Elisa

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, can she get any cuter! The Halloween pictures are great! Hope to talk to you soon!

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

that made me laugh too! She's too cute.
Love you guys,
Aunt Karen

babydrew said...

That was wonderful, what a great video. We are glad to see she is doing so well.

God Bless!


Taw, Stacey, Ali, Lexi, and Baby Drew

Katie said...

We need to get these 2 together so Maddie can learn to chat like Teagan!!! I just love the little chatter-bug :)